Steps To Take After An Accident

Injured in a Car Accident in Sacramento?

If you’ve been in a car crash, truck collision or other auto accident, it is important to write down all the details you can. It is also very important to take pictures of the damage to all vehicles, as well as any visible injuries, such as cuts, scrapes or bruises. Photos can show not only the injury itself, but the severity of the impact. This can help prove damages for severe injuries, or for whiplash and other soft tissue damage to your neck, back, wrists or knees.

Most importantly, see a doctor as soon as possible. You need to understand the extent of your injuries so you can ensure they do not get worse. Remember that the onset of symptoms following an accident can be delayed; you might not even notice the injury for some time.

We can refer you to highly qualified doctors and chiropractors in the Sacramento area to determine whether you have a whiplash injury, closed head injury or other condition that can be difficult to diagnose. While you are recovering from your injuries, we take care to document every aspect of your loss so that no component of your damages is overlooked in your car accident settlement.